OVVIO GenoLift Anti-Aging Serum

The special below is good while inventory lasts.

Scratch and Dent sale!

During a recent visit to the lab, we came across some boxes marked “OVVIO SCUFFED”. Still new to the skincare business, we wondered what that was.

We learned that during production of all OVVIO products, products with incomplete fill or packaging that is damaged during the filling process are pulled out and saved by themselves for possible repackaging or re-use in next production batch. Curious to see what that looked like, we opened one of the boxes and imagine our surprise when we discovered it was full of OVVIO Genolift Anti-Aging Serum bottles! Since OVVIO stopped the production of Serum when they ran out of screened bottles, these rejects never made it any further.

We still regularly get requests for Serum, so we immediately started looking if anything could be saved. After sorting through them and discarding those with inadequate fill or damaged pumps, we bought about 70 new and full bottles of the coveted OVVIO GenoLift Anti-Aging Serum in scuffed bottles or bottles with incomplete print. We will stop selling these by end of January 2016, so get yours now.

The active ingredients are the exact same as in the cream, but the difference in texture and color created two separate fan groups. Some users swear by the Serum, some insist on the Cream.

When the Serum was last available from OVVIO, the price was $76.95. We will be selling these few remaining bottles for just $45.00 each – and when they are gone, they are gone.

Serum_370x428 OVVIO GenoLift Anti-Aging Serum – Scuffed
Bizway Bargain Price: $45.00